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The work we do at Therapy to for Mexico has different foundations compared to many other therapies, as it took shape drawing on various disciplines: several strands of Psychotherapy (Narrative therapy, Integral Intuitive Psychotherapy, Trauma therapy, Dance-Movement Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Systemic Therapy), Cultural Anthropology, Chaos and Complexity Theories, Critical Discourse Analysis. These come together to provide a therapeutic perspective that is broader, as well as deeper, and which helps us understand the different dimensions of our being: from collective to personal, from somatic to spiritual, from our past wounds to our future inspiration. This work invites us to a deeper understanding of our complexity to identify both our strengths, as well as those wounds that continue to impact us in the present, to heal them and enable us to experience a new level of flourishing and wellbeing.
In this site you will find information about our therapeutic and educational services, resources for emotional support, as well as information on the collective healing project of Therapy for Mexico.

In these times when we humans face unprecedented planetary challenges, attending to our emotional wounds becomes critical in order to create collaboration on a large scale.

At Terapia para México we have articulated a very efficient method to support trauma issues with people who are ready to address them, and to be able to participate to the greatest capacity possible in the transformation and healing of our world.

In order to most effectively support our work to contribute to our society at this challenging juncture, we are giving attention preferentially to people who work with people: therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, group facilitators, as well as leaders and people whose professional or community work impacts others.

Our services


Intuitive Integral Psychotherapy, which combines emotional, mental, physical and (if pertinent) spiritual therapeutic resources in a single session. The work is especially recommended for people who are dealing with the same emotions and reactions, even after they have already done talk therapy or cognition-based therapy.


Our courses have solid theoretical components, but the most fundamental component is the experiential. The intention is to provide learning from people’s inner experience, resources and personal processes that allow us to transmit in a deep and intimate way the teachings in each course.


In our Healing from Colonialism workshops, we create a safe environment for exploring and starting to heal the collective wounds arising out of a Colonial past, that have left individual scars in us, but also which have impacted our interpersonal interactions, and our group dynamics.


Mentoring sessions offer the opportunity to both evolve and refine your therapeutic skills, while you also explore in a gentle, compassionate and creative context, difficulties or concerns in the course of your professional practice, or integrating what you are learning if you are in training.


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The Advantages

You will be working with a passionate and dedicated psychotherapist

who continues to learn and is a leader in the field

You will be working with a courageous and compassionate woman

who not just has theoretical knowledge, but who knows the practice having done her own deep healing work

You will be working with a resilient migrant, a cultural anthropologist

who knows what it is like to create belonging in a different culture when you first arrive as an outsider

You will be working with an original thinker

a pioneer recognized internationally in the field of collective trauma

You will be working with a seeker

who in spite of being highly accomplished, values humility, curiosity and connection as the foundations for wisdom

You will be working with a warm and intelligent professional

who knows how to make the therapeutic space safe

Trauma, el dolor que no se ve

El trauma o huellas de dolor emocional, activan partes del cuerpo que necesitan alivio. Escucha por qué el trauma nos afecta, cómo se manifiesta en el cuerpo y de qué forma afecta nuestras relaciones cuando no lo tenemos consciente.

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27 %

Of my clients are personal development professionals, mental health specialists and coaches

25 %

Of my clients are CEO’s or senior leaders in their organization