Evolve and refine your therapeutic skills while getting support for your own healing and development

Mentoring sessions offer the opportunity to both evolve and refine your therapeutic skills, while you also explore in a gentle, compassionate and creative context, difficulties or concerns in the course of your professional practice, or integrating what you are learning if you are in training.

Mentoring sessions follow the model of integrated supervision, which combines three roles:

  1. Instructor, with explanations / explorations of theory, methodology and therapeutic techniques.
  2. Therapist, exploring the blind spots or reactivity experienced by the person supervised regarding their patients / clients.
  3. Consultant, in reviewing cases in therapeutic supervision (if the person concerned is already working), exploring options offered by the different therapeutic approaches and academic disciplines that inform my work: Intuitive-integral and narrative psychotherapy, dance/movement therapy, collective trauma integration processes, complexity and chaos theories, critical discourse analysis, cultural anthropology, creative writing, among others.

Testimonial for Mentoring

“I am very grateful to have Laura as a Mentor for supervision as a Registered Clinical Counsellor. She has a wealth of knowledge about all things related to psychology, linguistics, trauma, the body, human development, and the healing power of relationships. She practices what she teaches and believes in the power of change and growth because of her personal journey and commitment to it. She has allowed me to deeply connect to myself and heal the different parts of me in order to deeply meet my clients and support them on their transformational journeys. Her all embracing compassion, authenticity, knowledge and patience has supported me in having the confidence and courage to do the work I do with clients. also she has supported me in my own healing journey and this is an integral part of working as a therapist. We can only meet our clients to the degree we have met ourselves.”

Mojdeh Rameshni, RCC, Vancouver

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