Individual Therapy

In Therapy for Mexico we offer 2 types of individual work:

Intuitive Integral Psychotherapy

Intuitive Integral Psychotherapy, which combines emotional, mental, physical and (if pertinent) spiritual therapeutic resources in a single session. The work is especially recommended for people who are dealing with the same emotions and reactions, even after they have already done talk therapy or cognition-based therapy.

This is because trauma cannot be healed without involving the body.  On the information exchanged between body and brain only 10-20 % is brain to body. The body provides 80-90% of the information processed by the nervous system. Therefore, including the body becomes crucial for effectiveness when approaching recurrent problems and reactive patterns. Work that includes the body allows the integration of experiences that overwhelmed us in the past, which are those that create the reactions that plague us today.

Who is this work for?

This type of work is most effective with people who have easy access to their sensations and emotions, and especially suited to those people who have developed their sensing skills because they also work with people.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 55 minutes to 1 hour, and for most people, meeting once a week works well. We can also either increase or decrease the frequency of sessions per week upon request.

How long will I be in therapy for?

It depends on what you need. The work can vary from doing just one session to deal with a particular problem (not so common, but does happen), to temporary ongoing support for a specific process, which usually takes 3 to 10 sessions. Support for significant issues such as a separation or loss of a job, or of a significant person, last usually 6 months to a year, sometimes more. Long-term support focused on creating profound changes in one’s life might take several years.
The frequency and duration of sessions can be adapted to respond to the changing needs and situations of each person. As people increase their ability to cope with life’s challenges, the frequency of meetings is reduced until the process is concluded. If a crisis arises, it is possible to restart sessions, or increase the frequency of sessions until the crisis is contained and we can then return to a lower frequency.

Personal and spiritual development

Personal and spiritual development. Once we heal our emotional wounds and integrate our past to a sufficient degree, our search changes so we are not only looking for health, but for fulfillment. These sessions explore the avenues of authentic expression of our being from a multiplicity of resources: discursive, artistic, coaching, contemplative, body movement, etc., and is available in both single format, and couples. The focus is much more on resourcing our healthy aspects, and the experience brings much more joy and expansion.

Individual Course: “Healing Anger: from Problem to Resource”.

Anger’s function is to help us set boundaries and give us energy to create change with respect. If instead, anger is a problem for you, this course is for you.
The Individual Healing Anger Course requires a minimum of 10 one-hour sessions.

You will take away from the course:

A different context for understanding not only anger, but emotions, which will allow you to improve your relationships.

Clarity about what happens when anger turns into aggression.

Get to know yourself more deeply and see what you carry is yours and what is not-and how this affects your ability to regulate your emotions.

Strategies and practices to transform anger from a problem to a resource

Improve your communication

Follow-up Anger Management Sessions

Finally, there is also follow-up work to the anger management sessions available, which are flexible to support in maintaining the changes initiated during the course. They can also provide support in dealing with more in-depth issues that may arise during the course that are not possible to finish processing in 10 sessions. The number and frequency of follow-up sessions is set on an individual basis.

We know that many people can benefit from our services. Our work has shown us that the people who contact us and commit to this work are people who care about those close to them and want to make a difference in their relationships. If that is you, we are committed to helping you do just that.

With all these options, each session is different. In Laura’s words:

“My clients and I determine together what is the best way to work with them, depending on their needs. Therefore, we can start with conversations in the office in which I support them in learning more about anger and emotional management, improving their communication skills or helping them to broaden their perspective.

“Other times, we can address recurring problems that require body work to release impulse patterns that have been around for years sometimes, and require the wisdom of the body to heal.

“They may also require support with the design or facilitation of a ritual or healing process to help them say goodbye to someone who passed away or a relationship that ended, or support to recover from abuse, or to forgive and resolve old resentments with oneself and with others.

“Any of these avenues has the potential to offer people the freedom to move on with their lives. By attuning and adapting my work to the situation people are in, I seek to find the best approach for people to feel comfortable with the work we do together. “

Testimonials for Individual Therapy

“Dr. Laura came into my life when a dear friend of mine gifted me my first session with her because she believes so stongly in her work and knew that I really needed something groundbreaking like this to move me through and past the crisis I was in. Dr. Laura, from that very first session and beyond, took me to places not only deeper inside of me, but deeper throughout my history, origins, and beyond, to discover who I thought I was, where my ideas about myself and others had come from, how they were playing out in ugly and hurtful ways, and what I needed to do to reverse and heal those false beliefs. She helped me to rediscover and assert who I truly am, she reminded me and exemplified a strong, empowered, centered, grounded, loving, clear and compassionate woman. The woman that I, too, am, and that all women are at their core. She taught and reminded me about respect. Respect for myself, for others, for the past but without letting it continue to govern my present reality. She fosters such a deep sense of understanding and self awareness, a radiance of clarity that rippled out into profound connection and compassion for others.”


“I cannot speak enough about Dr. Laura`s and her transformatory work. She works from such a place of ultimate love and wisdom it is unbelievable that I was blessed with the opportunity to work with her and I am forever grateful because it literally changed my life for the better. What was unbearably painful and frustrating became the most transformative and emancipatory gifts of my life, through Laura`s very intimate guidance and total support. I trusted her completely as she lead the way into my darkest places even when I was too scared or angry to go there myself. She brought them to the light and together we healed them. I am not the same woman as I was. Actually, I am a grown woman now and was not before. I have integrated the parts of me into maturity. Parts that were scattered on the floor, dismembered and creating harmful and repetitive patterns; cycles I was once hopelessly trapped in. I am from the depth of my heart so grateful to Laura for her gifts, extensive expertise in the field, unbelievable dedication to her patients, and radical love that gave me the courage to do the unthinkable. In my opinion and experience, she is a revolutionary and integral part of the answer to the broken emotional state of the world and how we relate to oursleves one another. An critical shift from fear and destruction to love and acceptance. Radiant truth. Thank you, Laura.”


“I started working with Laura about a year ago upon the recommendation of a friend. My experience working with Laura has been healing and continues to reach a depth in me that I have not experienced with previous therapists. Laura is very skilled in her ability to listen and discern what is happening in the space even though therapy happens over the internet. I was surprised how well this medium works as it usually would be preferable to be in the same room.

Sudha Faraday, LMFT

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