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Welcome to Therapy for Mexico!

If you're looking for warmth, competence and compassion in therapy services, workshops and presentations, ranging from individual to collective, you're in the right place.

The concept of Therapy for Mexico was born out of the clear need to address the collective dimensions of human identity, which have been impacted by collective trauma throughout history, and which manifest themselves in individual, family, and systemic ways in our lives and in our societies.

We initially started with the vision of a healthy, creative Mexico, capable of assuming its role in the world, where its people are able to take the best of the enormous richness of their roots, European and Indigenous, to live together in peace; integrating the waves of immigrants that have joined Mexico, making the most of all its enormous potential, and flourishing together as a nation.

We also saw that collective trauma has become present everywhere in the world, particularly now with the COVID-19 pandemic, and that other countries and societies require similar support. Many other countries have gone through historical colonial dynamics or domination between peoples or nations, which have left similar problems that currently afflict much of the world's population. For this reasons, we not only serve Mexico and Mexicans (in fact, approximately 80% of the people who use our services are not Mexican and/or live outside of Mexico), but what we learned here, we bring to our work with people from diverse latitudes.

The task of healing on so many levels is enormous, but the awareness that it is necessary, as well as the will to carry it out, increases every day. The multiplicity of resources currently available for the work of emotional healing, from the individual to the collective, make it possible to think that this is doable, and that it is worthwhile to offer everything we have to achieve it.

The services offered here are then designed to resolve the obstacles that exist from the emotional and relational dimensions to achieve this vision. These obstacles, of historical origin but current manifestation, have prevented us from integrating and healing the transgenerational wounds that have afflicted us for centuries, and maintain ruptures and a deep separation in our social fabric. They are manifested at the individual, interpersonal, family, transgenerational, group, collective, institutional and national levels. Our services are designed to address these obstacles at their various levels of manifestation, from the personal to the collective.

The work that we do in Therapy for Mexico has a different basis than many other therapies, since it took shape through resourcing from various disciplines (various aspects of psychotherapy, cultural anthropology, theories of chaos and complexity, critical analysis of discourse, mystical principles) that come together to provide a broader, but also a deeper perspective that helps us understand the different dimensions of our being: from the collective to the personal, from the somatic to the spiritual, and invites us to a deeper understanding of our own complexity in order to identify both our strengths and those wounds that continue to impact us in the present to heal them and enable a new level of flourishing and well-being.

On this site you will find information about our therapeutic and educational services, as well as resources for emotional support, and information about the collective healing project "Therapy for Mexico”.