Basic Resources for Collective Trauma Healing

This course is meant to provide a basic understanding of the 7 fundamental pillars that we need to have in place if we are interested in engaging in Collective Trauma Healing, and then bringing them all together:

  1. Complexity
  2. Coherence
  3. Connection
  4. Compassion
  5. Consciousness 
  6. Courage
  7. Community
  8. Integration

In the course, we will explore each of these, and will share both information to understand, and practices to experience the resources directly. We will also get a sense of how they relate to Collective Trauma Healing.

Collective Trauma Healing work is very powerful, challenging and needs a very safe container. The aim of this course is having people walk away with

  1. a deeper understanding of what a safe container for Collective Trauma Healing looks like,
  2. the practices and resources to start (or continue) developing the capacities required to engage in this important field, and
  3. a basic understanding of what collective trauma is and how these foundations can support us in addressing it.

Dr. Laura Calderón de la Barca has been working on this topic since 2004, and over time she has seen many people attempt to start working with Collective Trauma and end up overwhelmed because the foundations are not in place. She designed this course to address the need for starting with resourcing and with an understanding of how collective trauma works, before attempting to work with it.

Dates and Times: 

Friday May 14:  10 am – 2 pm Mexico City time (8 am – 12 pm Pacific US, 11 am – 3 pm Eastern US, 5 – 9 pm CEST)

Saturday May 15 & Sunday May 16: 9 am – 1 pm & 2 -5 pm Mexico City time (7 am – 11 am & 12-3 pm Pacific US, 10 am – 2 pm & 3 – 6 pm Eastern US, 4 – 7 pm & 8 – 11 pm CEST)


$350 USD, and there is a sliding scale available.

Payment can be sent via:
Zelle or Paypal to
Also, to the same address, you an pay in CAD with Interac E-Transfer: $130 CAD for the session/initial deposit, the remaining $310 CAD is due before the start of the course.


The group will meet over Zoom.

Attendance limited to 24 participants, by invitation once you have submitted an application.

If you are interested, kindly fill out this form, so we can send you an application form.

You can also write to request more information to:

Important information about the course:

Once your application is accepted, if you have not worked with Laura before, you will need to do a one hour-session with her as a pre-requisite, at a reduced fee of $100 USD (regular fee $150USD).

After the session with Laura, you can register by paying a non-refundable $100 USD deposit. The remainder will be due one day before the course starts.

In case you are not offered a place at the course at this time, you are welcome to consider enrolling for the “Self-knowledge as a foundation for Collective Healing” Workshop, which Laura will offer in July.

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