Here are some testimonials from people who did therapeutic work with Laura. There are testimonials from individual and couples work.

People who wrote were dealing with different degrees of intensity in the problems they faced. Most people worked on their emotional reactivity, some of which came up during hard and stressful situations like relationship or work challenges, separations, which, although critical, did not prevent them from working nor caused great damage in their physical well-being. Some others arrived with more severe problems, where trauma really took over their lives to a high degree, causing affectations in their health and work life.

In addition, there are testimonies of mentorship work and professional development with therapists.

Testimonials are either anonymous, when such was the preference of the person writing, or the name is included when the person requested it.

On Healing for Colonialism Workshop

In terms of the individual process, it was enriching, allowing me to understand more of what does not work for me and what would work for me, what really wears me out in terms of our dynamics and how to manage the work of a group, how to generate the space to feel at ease and generate a cordial environment.

As a group, I have seen different attitudes in everyone, I have even seen the transformation of more than just an attitude. I have perceived much more willingness. We have had collaborations that have worked very well, more efficient, and not only with efficiency as such, but that the team members do it with pleasure. We operate in a space where it is no longer “That it is not my job!”, or “She’s supposed to do it”, but “OK, I’ll chip in and do it”,and they do it well.

Besides, because we have been working on things that they did not do before, new functions, new responsibilities, and what one person used to do alone, now two people do in collaboration, and we are starting to create new relationships to carry out the new responsibilities. And they are new shared responsibilities.


Group leader in an institution that provides services to the indigenous population

On mentoring

I am very grateful to have Laura as a Supervisor as a Registered Clinical Counsellor. She has a wealth of knowledge about all things related to psychology, linguistics, trauma, the body, human development, and the healing power of relationships. She practices what she teaches and believes in the power of change and growth because of her personal journey and commitment to it. She has allowed me to deeply connect to myself and heal the different parts of me in order to deeply meet my clients and support them on their transformational journeys. Her all embracing compassion, authenticity, knowledge and patience has supported me in having the confidence and courage to do the work I do with clients. also she has supported me in my own healing journey and this is an integral part of working as a therapist. We can only meet our clients to the degree we have met ourselves.

Mojdeh Rameshni, RCC, Vancouver, BC, Canada

On an caring separation

Laura, it would be my honour to put forward a testimonial. I am happy for you to use this piece as you see fit and put my name on it . This life changing work that you guided me through is something that I am truly proud to say that I have done:

Just letting you know that we had the chat [with the children to tell them that their parents would be separating] … It was extremely painful. Lots of tears, sadness, shock and hopefully not irreparable trauma. We were all sitting around the kitchen table holding hands. It was a beautiful, painful, saddening, sobering experience. I was able to hold my power with an open heart and not go to pieces or fragment… I was able to be present and support my kids going through this and allow space for them to be upset…

Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and love. I came away from this experience feeling like a man who can take care of his family and himself no matter how ugly it gets … not a boy trapped in a man s body . I was extremely anxious about this talk and when it happened I only felt empowered …

Nathan Miller, Australia

On recovering the love lost in a relationship

The situation I came into therapy for went from being potentially explosive, emotionally dangerous, destructive, heavy—to being much lighter, in the sense of there being more understanding, less heavy […] the heaviness moved, there is more laughter, humor, it is much more loving. We were not anymore able to manifest love. Love was there, but it was kind of locked inside. So we gained a lot!

At the individual level, we gained a lot of healing—what helped me the most—looking at what was triggered through the relationship which did not belong in the relationship, and which was related to much more primal moments earlier in my life, either very disconnected or very personal, not having anything to do with the relationship.

I think this kind of work can benefit whoever wants to heal, gain more understanding and clarity, more relaxation–going toward this relaxed awareness that we are meant to be in. No need to be in crisis, although it could be a great opportunity, if people want to grow, increase their maturity. Finally, there is gratitude for your sharing your skill, for your presence, your compassion, Laura.


Couples Therapy

Since working with Laura, the situation in our relationship got much smoother. We have a deeper understanding for each other, see and respect the others difficulties, and are more careful in our togetherness. Much of our tensions and childhood based traumas are more integrated and we are relating from a more adult and mature place rather than reacting out of old patterns. We have a smoother relating now, it’s more relaxed and understanding, more loving and alive. WE discover each other newly.

What helped me the most was seeing my misunderstanding, misinterpretations and projections in connection to my partner that made my life hard. And healing old family stories that were influencing my behaviour in my relationship. Both of us went through a powerful process of healing, empowerment and change. Finding new ways to express myself in a relaxed way with integrity and putting healthy boundaries was an important step too.

Laura is an incredibly gifted therapist, very skilled, super trained, very knowledgeable, empathic, warm-hearted and spiritual too. She is simply a wonderful person. In the couple work I experience Laura as very fair, unprejudiced and securely navigating when the situation seems hopelessly entangled or very emotional.

Because Laura has such an extensive training and great skills I recommend this therapy to pretty much everybody, singles and couples who have issues in their life they are struggling with. She meets you where ever you are and can assist you to healing and integration. I recommended Laura already to many friends and the are all very glad about it.

Raaji Dessena, group facilitator

online work exclusively

Couples Therapy

[Beside individual work,] I aslo started to do couples work with Laura and her skill in working with couples is amazing. She is able to attune to both sides and work with each individual to the level that they are capable of while attempting and succeeding to bring clarity to the true issues the relationship is facing. I am very grateful to do couples work with Laura and feel hopeful for my partner and myself in a way I did not before we started to work with her.

I would recommend Laura to anyone that seeks to do deeper work and is ready to take responsibility for their own healing process. Laura brings a great combination of clinical sharpness and an open heart and is able to hold people where they need to be held, so they can explore themselves, grow and heal in a safe space.

Sudha Faraday, LMFT

online work

On recovering from debilitating trauma

It was divine intervention that led me to Laura.


When I met Laura I was desperately unhappy, so much so that both my body and mind had begun to show signs and symptoms of declining health. I was easily triggered by stressors that were causing me to experience severe vertigo. I had been to the emergency room when I thought I was having an issue with my heart which turned out to be a sympathetic response to stress.  Although I had recently stopped drinking I know that I had been numbing my symptoms with alcohol for several years. Soon after an episode of vertigo triggered by a relational difficulty, I was heading home in the car and glanced over to see “Healinganger.com” on the side of a little white SUV.  I listened to my intuition and contacted Laura. That was the beginning of a journey like no other.


Beneath Laura’s small stature and warm, sincere demeanour lie the fierce mind and courageous heart of a true healer .  Laura coaxed me into completely new territory with her keen intelligence, kindness, compassion and patience. She was passionate in her determination to help me face areas of denial and blockage. Unbeknownst to me I had been internalizing a great deal of anger and frustration, and had been for decades. This was all hidden beneath what outwardly I presented in a very ‘nice’ persona.

In Laura’s capable hands I was taught to understand how my relationship with my emotions, most particularly anger, had not only been unhealthy but debilitating. I was able to learn how and where I was turning anger ‘inward’ and where I needed to make some hard choices.

In Laura’s safe cocoon, I was able to continue on a journey towards deep self-discovery and self-compassion.  Ultimately I was able to develop the wonderful, freeing ability to be able to forgive – first myself and then others.  Under Laura’s wise tutelage I was set free.

My life is transformed.  I have new ‘eyes’ with which to see a brand new horizon. I am so glad to have Laura as a mentor as I tread into that new horizon and encounter the inevitable roadblocks.  I am so grateful to and for Laura Calderon de la Barca.

Susan Olson, British Columbia, Canada

in person and online work

Individual Therapy

I started working with Laura about a year ago upon the recommendation of a friend. My experience working with Laura has been healing and continues to reach a depth in me that I have not experienced with previous therapists. Laura is very skilled in her ability to listen and discern what is happening in the space even though therapy happens over the internet. I was surprised how well this medium works as it usually would be preferable to be in the same room.

Originally I sought to work with Laura around my relationship as well as being in the process of trying to get pregnant with my second child. I am still working with both issues and have discovered many deeper layers within myself . Laura has been and still is a great support for me.

Sudha Faraday, LMFT

online work

Individual Therapy

I cannot speak enough about Dr. Laura`s and her transformatory work. She works from such a place of ultimate love and wisdom it is unbelievable that I was blessed with the opportunity to work with her and I am forever grateful because it literally changed my life for the better. What was unbearably painful and frustrating became the most transformative and emancipatory gifts of my life, through Laura`s very intimate guidance and total support. I trusted her completely as she lead the way into my darkest places even when I was too scared or angry to go there myself. She brought them to the light and together we healed them. I am not the same woman as I was. Actually, I am a grown woman now and was not before. I have integrated the parts of me into maturity. Parts that were scattered on the floor, dismembered and creating harmful and repetitive patterns; cycles I was once hopelessly trapped in. I am from the depth of my heart so grateful to Laura for her gifts, extensive expertise in the field, unbelievable dedication to her patients, and radical love that gave me the courage to do the unthinkable. In my opinion and experience, she is a revolutionary and integral part of the answer to the broken emotional state of the world and how we relate to oursleves one another. An critical shift from fear and destruction to love and acceptance. Radiant truth. Thank you, Laura.


online work

Individual Therapy

I sought therapy because I came to a point in my relationship with my now-wife where we could not move forward. Things had happened that put us in a very difficult situation, and she recommended I start therapy and personal work to save the relationship. With that in mind I started to do therapy with Laura, but very quickly I realized how important and essential these sessions were for me as an individual. I realized that if I work on myself, I can influence the situations around me. This manifested in many ways in my life. Laura helped me to get to know myself and clarify situations from my past which affected me in the present. She helped me recognize and acknowledge my feelings, something I had not done before, and learn to simply feel them.

I saw a drastic change in my personal and professional life. I became a more balanced person who enjoys life and loves himself.


In person and online

Individual Therapy

Dr. Laura came into my life when a dear friend of mine gifted me my first session with her because she believes so stongly in her work and knew that I really needed something groundbreaking like this to move me through and past the crisis I was in. Dr. Laura, from that very first session and beyond, took me to places not only deeper inside of me, but deeper throughout my history, origins, and beyond, to discover who I thought I was, where my ideas about myself and others had come from, how they were playing out in ugly and hurtful ways, and what I needed to do to reverse and heal those false beliefs. She helped me to rediscover and assert who I truly am, she reminded me and exemplified a strong, empowered, centered, grounded, loving, clear and compassionate woman. The woman that I, too, am, and that all women are at their core. She taught and reminded me about respect. Respect for myself, for others, for the past but without letting it continue to govern my present reality. She fosters such a deep sense of understanding and self awareness, a radiance of clarity that rippled out into profound connection and compassion for others.


online work